Penis Photos for My Pleasure


One of my favorite hobbies is collecting penis photos. I do it simply for my pleasure and no other reason. At some point during my teenage years, I developed a sort of fetish for looking at penises other than my own. Now my penis is a pretty nice one and I am certainly not ashamed of it. Rather, I just like to see what other mens penises look like. My initial problem was how to find these penises that I wanted to appreciate in my own special way. Obviously, I couldn’t just walk up to a man on the street or at the mall and ask if I could see his penis. After all, I didn’t want to get arrested.

Then, one day, an idea occurred to me. I could take penis photos or simply find them online or in magazines. I could select my favorites and create file for them on my computer. Once I had collected a few of these photos, I could look at them anytime I wanted. For a while, I got most of my photos through online websites. There are some very beautiful and sexy penises online to see. In no time at all, I had amassed over a hundred photos and my collection was still growing. It was wonderful! Whenever I got that “itch’ to view some of these photos, all I had to do was sit down at my computer and open the folder.

Oddly enough, my love of penis photos actually led me to a part time profession. I accidently got caught by a man when I was observing his penis in the mens room of a restaurant. I knew that he was going to either put me in the hospital or have me arrested. As it turns out, he didn’t do either of those things. He smiled. That’s right. He smiled!  Then he asked me if I liked what I saw and I had to enthusiastically say that I did. Next, he asked me if I wanted to take a picture of it. I wasted no time in whipping out my cell phone and took several shots of it from different angles. Before we parted ways, he slipped me a business card and told me to give him a call the next time I wanted to photograph a sexy penis. Now, I seem to have a sort of side business photographing penises of some very special men.


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Penis Photos Fetish

Penis Photos Fetish

I have been going around online and saving all the penis photos I can find. I am not sure what got me started in collecting these kinds of photos, but now they are all I can think about. I want to see every kind of penis there is in this world and I have the collection that proves that statement. I have just about every shape and size of penis you can imagine, including some that are simply large clits rather than actual cocks. Most of my friends think I have lost my mind, but there is something about them that I just can’t give up.

The funny thing about my fetish for penis photos is the fact that I am not gay. I’m not even bisexual by any stretch of the imagination and, yet, I love these photos. That is probably why all my friends think I am weird for having such a large collection of male cocks on my computer. I can see why they would find it a bit strange, but they just don’t understand what it does to me when I look at these photos. It’s like it relaxes me and takes all my stress away somehow.


I thought about taking my own penis photos and putting them into my collection, but I am too shy for something like that. I don’t want anyone else seeing pictures of my penis since I don’t think it is really worth looking at all that much. Of course I wouldn’t mind taking pictures of someone else penis and adding those to my collection. In fact, I think it would be rather interesting to be able to do something like that. But I will have to settle for looking at them online since no one wants to show me their penis and I wouldn’t want to get arrested for sneaking pictures of others.

My Sexy Penis Photos



Several years ago, I began to have quite a fascination with penis photos. It got to the point where I started to collect them. This meant looking online at all of the websites that have such things and I would download new ones every day. I even registered for some newsletters that would send me a new photo with each email. Eventually, I had such an array of these photos that it would take me hours to look at them.


Then, one day, I discovered that it was getting difficult to find new photos. I owned nearly every photo that I ran into on the Internet. Even print media wasn’t being a lot of help in finding some brand new penis photos to add to my collection. Finally, the solution to the problem became clear to me but I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage it.


You see, I realized that the best way to get new photos was to take the pictures myself. The problem would come in with how would I ever find men to pose for me? While many men would love to drop their pants for me and stroke their penises for my camera, there will be more men that would refuse to be a part of such an enterprise. These are the men that would most likely label me as a pervert or worse. They would probably also be the ones with the nicest, sexiest penises.


As it turned out, it was easier than I had imagined it would be to find men to pose for my penis photos. In the end, all I had to do was start hanging out on the beach and approach the ones wearing the smallest swimsuits. I had a feeling they would be amenable to showing more and they were. Now I have access to all of the unique photos than I ever thought I would.


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Collecting Penis Photos


I was looking through the penis photos that I have collected over the years and it occurred to me that I haven’t got any photos of my own penis in my collection. I have often thought about taking some but never really gotten around to it. I think that I would prefer to have someone else taking the photos, though, as I don’t really have that much artistic ability when it comes to taking selfies, especially of my own penis. If I could figure out how to do it, I would probably only have photos of my own penis in my collection.

When it comes to my penis photos, I like to think that I don’t just have a large collection of porn sitting around. There is a part of me that thinks I have a collection of art in my house, even if no one else happens to think the same way. My collection is something that I pride myself on even if I don’t go around showing everyone. I have tried showing a few people my collection of photos and they all seem to think that I am crazy for enjoying something like this. But that doesn’t bother me all that much.

I would like to think that my penis photos are of the highest possible quality although I know that isn’t true. Most of the photos I have were found online and you kind of have to go with what you can find in that regards. Now, I do have some that were sent to me and they are much better than the ones that I have found online. I just need to find some more guys that are willing to send me photos of their cocks so that I can have a more improved collection of photos. Then I will be a very happy man, indeed.


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Finding Ways to Look at Penis Photos


Looking at penis photos is one of those past times that I don’t really share with anyone. I am afraid that if everyone knew what I was looking at, or why, then they would have something to say about it that I wouldn’t want to hear. I don’t think there is anything wrong with my little fetish, but I know a lot of people that would think it was creepy. So I have to maintain my secret every day of my life, which actually makes it a bit more intense for me when you think about it.

I have to find all kinds of interesting ways to look at these penis photos without being caught, which has turned into a rather interesting game for me. Even my wife doesn’t know about my fetish, or she does and is really good at playing dumb about it. I think she might be a bit more open minded about it, but I don’t want to risk her thinking that there is something wrong with me and walking out. It was hard enough for me to find her in this life so I don’t want to have to find someone else to be with me.

It’s a good thing there are so many penis photos online, though. I don’t have to sneak magazines into the house anymore like I used to. The fact that I can use my tablet to go into the bathroom and look at all the photos I can handle is great as well. I can even watch movies with nothing but male genitalia in them and get just as excited as I do when I am looking at those photos. It makes me wonder what guys like me had to do a hundred years ago when they couldn’t even get pictures of a man’s penis to look at and enjoy.


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Taking Artistic Penis Photos


I have been looking around online for penis photos lately and can’t seem to find anything that I actually want to look at anymore. I might get one or two of them that fit into my artistic lifestyle, but most of them are simply nothing more than porn. I want something that would be considered artful and tasteful, but most of the photos I have been seeing are usually just still captures from videos that you can find online. Whatever happened to the artistry of the male body and the people that used to show that artistry off to the general public?

I would love to be able to start taking my own penis photos but I am not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination. I can snap a few shots with my phone but, when it comes to posing and lighting subjects, I fail miserably. On the other hand, if I was a professional photographer, I would make sure that the photos I took were of the highest possible artistic quality that I could make them. Then people would start to realize that the male body is something to explore and be excited about.

Maybe I could find a photographer out there that would like to take penis photos of me and we could start an artistic revolution. I know the chances of that happening are pretty slim to say the least, but it would be rather fun to see if I could help make it happen. I guess I could always start looking around online to see if there are any photographers out there that are willing to give something like this a try. I just hope that my penis is up to the task of taking on the world and showing everyone that there is something special about the male form that they need to pay attention to.

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Penis Photos Fetish


Looking for penis photos online seems to be fairly easy these days. I can remember when the Internet first came around that it wasn’t all that easy to find things like that. Of course there weren’t all that many people in the world that knew they could put things of this nature on the Internet so others could share in it. Actually, it was rather interesting the first time I came across a site that had any kind of porn on it especially since I had never had such easy access like this in the past. I have to say that it was a very pleasant surprise but nothing like the porn sites that you can find these days.

Of course those early day sites didn’t have very many penis photos available since everyone was looking for women. However, as time moved on, there were a lot more sites coming on that had a variety of other options for guys to find. That is when things started to get really interesting. There were sites coming up that were all about different fetishes and, when it comes to these kinds of photos now, there is nothing out there that you can’t find these days.

You can find great penis photos on just about every site you come across currently, which is a good thing for me. I don’t have to spend all the time that I used to in order to find one or two good pictures. Now I can scroll through hundreds, if not more, whenever I feel like it and save them to look at any time I want to. Of course, I have to keep this little fetish of mine secret since there are some people out there that wouldn’t understand it, but that isn’t all that difficult to do since no one has any access to my computer.


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Hiding My Penis Photos from my Wife

Hiding My Penis Photos from my Wife

Looking at penis photos is one of my favorite past times. I think it would probably be better if I was actually looking through photos that I had taken rather than sneaking my wife’s girly magazines into the bathroom whenever I can.  I’m pretty sure that if she knew what I was doing with her magazines she would end up leaving me or something. But I just can’t help myself. I need to look at those penises and masturbate when I am alone. The funny thing is that I know I am not gay or anything and yet this is my little fetish.



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I have no idea what I would do if presented with another man’s actual penis in front of me rather than just a penis photo. I would probably be too embarrassed to actually do anything about it and, instead, try to hide my face or at the very least try not to stare at it. I often picture my wife forcing me to look at another man’s penis because it makes her happy and that excites me. But I don’t know if I could ever discuss this fetish that I have with her for fear of rejection.

I guess I could tell her about my fascination with the penis photos in her magazines one of these days. Maybe she will enjoy the fact that I like them so much and it could end up being a new thing for the bedroom that we can enjoy together. I would hope that she would be open minded enough to trust me with something like this, but you never know how some people are going to react. I thought she would have enjoyed the fact that I was wearing her panties one night but she kept yelling something about me stretching them out and ruining them. So you just never really know.

Professional Penis Photos


Taking professional penis photos doesn’t really take all that much these days. I have a list of about twenty guys that I can pay to allow me to take pictures of their cocks although most of them think it’s for publication. What none of them actually know is that I use them for my very own collection of cocks. I know it sounds like a strange thing to do, but I have to get them somehow and just taking random pictures of guys in a public bathroom didn’t really work out that well for me in the past.

I try not to tell that many people that I take penis photos as part of a fetish that I have. I am a professional photographer and I have all the equipment I need to make a very good living, but I just love pictures of cocks for some reason. There is something so sensual about the male organ that I just can’t help but take photos of them whenever I get the chance. I started out with taking photos of my own cock but, after a while, that became rather boring to me and I needed to find others to photograph.

I guess you could consider my penis photos as some kind of hobby, but you probably won’t find a webpage on the Internet about it. At least not one that you can access for free because of the content. I don’t know of anyone else out there that feels the same way I do about cocks but I am hoping that there is at least a few people that do. It would be nice to talk to someone else that feels this way and maybe wants to share stories of the different pictures that we have taken. That would be a highlight in my life as far as I’m concerned.


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Finding Models for Penis Photos

Finding Models for Penis Photos

I was looking through some penis photos last night and came to the realization that my collection isn’t quite as large as I would like it to be. I think that I could probably find a lot more photos to add to it online. In fact, I know I could. However, I want something a bit more personal in nature. I want to be able to find a couple of guys that I could take photos of for my collection and have them pose in different positions just for me. Kind of artistic and not really porn oriented, if you know what I mean.

I know I could spend a few hours online and find all the penis photos I could handle, but being able to direct how the photos turned out would make them extra special. All I would have to do is find a couple of guys that would be willing to do something like that. I thought about putting an ad in the paper or something, but figured that probably wouldn’t be such a good idea. I would need to meet these guys before anything could happen and I would prefer it to be a little more discreet than just an ad that everyone might see.

That is when I found a local site dedicated to things like penis photos and models that would be willing to pose for them. I never really knew something like that even existed but, once you start looking around online, you can find just about anything. I have had some interest from guys looking to pose for photos and I am very pleased to see that. I thought I might just end up paying homeless guys off the street to do it, but I think this site will work out a lot better for my needs.